About BetaHomes - Your Home Improvement Centre

How it all began.

First conceived in 1973 in the garage of a quaint house in Cascade, Patrick Young Sing & Co. Ltd. orginated as the hobby of its patriach Mr. Patrick Young Sing.

Within just a few years of its inception, woodworking had emerged locally as a lucrative industry and soon the company quickly morphed from its humble beginnings to a large scale manufacturing complex.

The first to introduce top quality joinery finishings in standard sizes, PYS & Co. Ltd. revolutionalized the local building industry and was soon donned the leading, largest and most comprehensive Caribbean manufacturer of joinery finishing items, servicing the construction industry in local, regional and international markets.

Today the name Patrick Young Sing & Co. Ltd. is synonymous with exellence in joinery finishings, offering an extensive range of interior and exterior doors, kitchens, closets, moulding and other building components. BetaHomes is the retail division of PYS & Co. Ltd.

Our Mission

'To maintain our leadership in the manufacturing and distribution of quality joinery finishing through consistent quality control using the best techniques and resources to create comfortable and functional living spaces.'

First coined forty plus years ago, we still hold true and firm to our mission as we continuously strive to maintain this to our customers.

The BetaHomes Advantage

Through our own manufacturing of all kitchens, mouldings, closet components and the majority of the doors we offer, we are able to set and maintain a superbly high level of quality control of our products.

BetaHomes guarantees exceptional value for your money; beautifully designed and rigidly manufactured to meet your budget and design needs.

Environmental & Ethical Policy

Patrick Young Sing & Co. Ltd. & its retail division BetaHomes is an environmentally aware and socially responsible company. well acquainted with and conscious of the ever increasing environmental challenges facing both our business and the planet today.

As a result, we are committed to sourcing quality products and raw materials from a variety of renewable and sustainable sources, from accredited suppliers who firmly abide by the regulations set out by Trinidad and Tobago's Forestry Division.

As a means of adhereing to this green path, our company also adopts a host of other environmentally friendly measures in the day to day running of the company. Some of these measures include the use of minimal chemicals in the production of our products and offering a line of water-based paints, stains and finishes available at our retail outlets.

As a company we actively demonstrate and encourage recycling by selling our wood waste and timber shavings to local farmers for use as bedding for farm animals.

Additionally our PYS & Co. Ltd. manufacturing compound is fitted with air extractors to ensure a minimum amount of exhaust and dust pollution to both our factory employees and the surrounding community in Caroni.

On a social level, we believe in and demonstrate fair and ethical treatment of our employees and try to ensure a safe work environment. Furthermore, we recognize citizens with disabilities to be adroit, capable and valuable assets to any business and thus have been employers of hearing and speech impaired individuals in our production department for the past few decades.

As a member of the Caroni community, we have been a contributing sponsor for several years of Caroni's own stellar football club, the Harlem Strikers, 2012 champions of the central football zone.