Solid Surface

Solid Surface is a man-made material composed of a mixture of resins, acrylic and pigment. It is the only seamless countertop solution available. It is 100% non-porous making it ideal for food preparation areas.

It is highly resistant to daily household stains, including coffee, grape juice and mustard. Easy to clean, as it is smooth with no grout lines to keep clean and no place for dirt to accumulate or bacteria to grow. Unlimited design possibilities, including custom inlays, unique edge treatments, contrasting borders, accents and cover backsplashes.

Easy to Repair. Yes, Solid Surface will scratch if you cut on it, but it can easily be repaired with an orbital sander and fine sandpaper.

Heat Resistance. Solid Surface can hold up against boiling water’s temperature of 212F. It is not recommended to place anything hotter directly onto this surface (eg. pot of pasta with boiling water).

Counter tips. Your sink cut-out can be turned into a cutting board by sanding down the edge and top surface. Most installers would oblige at no extra cost. The sink cut out or any extra can also be sanded and polished to be used as small tabletops.

Sheet size: ½” x 30” x 96” 20 sq ft

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