Frequently Asked Questions

How long has your company been in the home improvement industry?

First established in 1973 by the company's patriach, Patrick Young Sing, PYS & Co. Ltd. has earned and maintained its vital role in the Construction and Home Improvement Industry in Trinidad & Tobago for the past 40 years. BetaHomes is the retail division of Patrick Young Sing & Co. Ltd. We pride ourselves in being your local home improvement centre

What products are available at BetaHomes?

BetaHomes supplies your needs in joinery finishing items; interior & exterior doors, kitchen cabinets, counter-tops, custom islands, closets, door hardware, trim mouldings, paints, stains & other home improvement related items.

Do you do installation?

At BetaHomes installation is done independently. Installation costing will therefore be provided by an independent installer.

We do however offer a list of suggested contractors and installers to whom we will gladly put into contact and with whom we liaise closely throughout the installation process to ensure a job well done. You always have the option to use an installer of your choosing.

Do you do delivery?

Yes we do. At BetaHomes we offer the option of arranging delivery of your items to your desired location. This service will be charged to your bill. However you do also have the option to arrange your own collection and transportation.

Do you do site visits?

Yes! We do however suggest that you visit one of our branches first if possible. Here we will explain our products and the planning system. Once this is acheived, a site visit will become more relavent as the homeowner will then be able to understand and participate in a proposed layout discussion.

Do you have showroom locations?

Yes. Both our branches have showrooms. come visit one today!
Central Branch: Old Southern Main Road, Fredrick Settlement, Caroni.
P.O.S. Branch: Corner of French & Robert Street, woodbrook, Port of Spain.

What are your opening hours?

Caroni: Mon-Fri - 8.00am - 4.00pm & Saturdays 8.00am - 12.00pm
Woodbrook: Mon-Fri 8.00am - 4.30pm & Saturdays 9.00am - 1.00pm

What are your payment options?

We accept cash, credit card and debit/linx. Certified cheques are accepted and are to be addressed to Patrick Young Sing & Co. Ltd.. Down payments of 50% are accepted for placement of Kitchen & Closet orders. The remaining 50% is due when goods are ready for delivery.

Do you service Tobago customers?

Yes we do! Site visits can be booked via phone with one of our sales reps who will then come to your home and take measurements and specifications needed. This information will be used to create a layout and quotation which will be sent to you via email. We suggest visiting one of our branches first in order to browse our displays and select a kitchen that meets your design needs. However if this is not possible you can browse our website and facebook page to view samples of our finished kitchens and choose the cabinet front style and specie you desire.

FAQ: Doors

> Do you have doors available for interior and exterior use?

>> Most definitely! Come choose from a range of exterior and interior doors in varied species of Wood, Fibreglass & Steel.

> How are your doors sold?

>> Our doors come in their natural tone. Stains, paints and fittings are sold separately at BetaHomes to be finished in your desired hue by your installer at installation time.

> Are door fittings and hardware avialable for seperate purchase?

>> Yes. All door hardware and fittings can be purchased from BetaHomes as well.

> Are your doors termite treated?

>> At BetaHomes, termite treatment is sold seperately. Doors are sold in their natural state and are to be treated by your installer at installation time, prior to the application of wood stain or paint.

FAQ: Counter-tops
> Which counter-top options are available at BetaHomes?

>> BetaHomes offers 3 counter-top options:
Solid Surface

FAQ: Closets
> How are your closets sold/how do I go about getting my closet done?

- Take measurements / Have measurements of your space taken.
- With you input, your sales rep. will configure & design a closet layout to meet your needs.
- Choose your closet front
- Your sales rep will now translate all closet components selected into a quotation.
- Clarify & confirm quotation.
- Make a payment (down payments of 50% are accepted on closet orders)
- Final 50% of payment due at delivery time.
- Installation costing will be provided seperately by your installer.
- Instalation time typically takes just a few hours.

FAQ: Kitchens
> I would like to order a kitchen but don't know where to start. How does the process work?

- Visit us, browse our displays & chat with a sales representative.
- Book a site visit: here your measurements & specifications can be confirmed.
- With your input a sales rep. will create a custom layout design and quotation.
- Clarify/confirm your stimulated kitchen design.
- Select your stain/paint color, cabinet pulls & othe accessories(consult your sales rep for all the kitchen trends)
- Confirm our kitchen quotation
- Make a payment (down payments of 50% are accepted on kitchen orders)
- Installation time: typically takes 2-3 days.
- Installation Costing will be provided by your installer.

> What materials are your kitchens made of?

>>At BetaHomes our kitchens are manufactured with a range of built-in high quality design features to stand up against the hard working Caribbean environment.
Carcass: White melamine coated MDF with edgeband sealed edges for minimum moisture absorption. 12mm, 100% waterproof Floodwood used in sink uints.
Adjustable Shelves: 19mm melamine coated MDF, extra thickness for great rigiditiy. Allows for easy cleaning & ideal interior lighting of cabinets.
Face Frame Construction: 35mm solid timber for extra rugged performance.
Hinges: Fully concealed 110 & 165 degree opening, self closing & 6-way adjustable.
Drawer Slides: Self-closing, white epoxy coated nylon roller. Operates smoothly & silently even under heavy loads(45kg)

> I've read that you use 'Floodwood' in some of your kitchen cabinets, what is 'floodwood'?

>> Floodwood is foam board coated in PVC therefore the material is 100% waterproof and termite proof. This material is used as the carcass in BetaHomes' base sink units (areas most susceptible to moisture)